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Prepare the shipment

Estimate the size and weight of your items and secure the shipment in order to deliver it safely.

Place a transport order

Describe the content of your shipment and suitable date and place of dispatch and receipt of your items. Thanks to you can place your order in a few simple steps for FREE!.

Choose an offer

Within few minutes you will receive first offers on your transport order. Once the bidding is finished, you will be able to choose the most suitable offer for you. Many comments and scores, given from users on the companies that bid your order will help you to make the right choice.

Order transportation

Once an offer is accepted by you and the chosen company, arrange the exact shipment details. After your items are delivered, rate the company to help other users to make the right decision.

F . A . Q . 

1. Do I have to pay for my transport requests or offers on BidTrans?

No, all listings and offers are free for the customers as well as for the shippers on BidTrans. All you need is just to create an account in a few simple steps and post your transportation request!

2. How does BidTrans help me get the right transporter?

BidTrans provides useful tools such as feedback ratings and comments that help find a trusted transporter.

3. How can I setup a BidTrans account and is it free of charge?

You can setup an account on BidTrans for free by clicking on REGISTER.

4. How do I have influence an on the ecology by choosing BidTrans?

By choosing BidTrans you reduce vehicle emission, usage and traffic congestions. All these factors decrease pollution and help the environment!

5. Is the delivery of my goods insured and secured by BidTrans?

Yes, every carrier that transports goods using BidTrans has to have a valid insurance policy and is liable for the goods he transports.

6. Can I cancel my auction at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your auction at any time without giving a reason.

7. Can I, as a carrier, remove my offer at any time?

Yes, carriers can remove their ads from "Available cargo space" at any time without giving a reason.

8. Can I cancel my offer for a transport?

You can cancel your offer only if it's not already accepted by the customer.

9. How can I speed up the shipping process?

If you are in a rush with shipping your goods, you can choose from the following 3 options:

a. Featured ad: your ad will be presented in a larger format and in a highlighted box that will appear above regular ads.

b. Urgent: Your ad will be marked with "Urgent" label. As well as the featured option, the "Urgent" label indicates a willingness to transact quickly, so you will receive more offers sooner.

c. You can use the option to ship via Air mail.

10. How do I get in contact with a carrier?

During your auction, you will be able to communicate with any potential transport service provider. However, it is not allowed to provide any contact information (phone numbers, email addresses, website URLs, social media accounts, etc.) as it may violate BidTrans user agreement and ultimately block your BidTrans account. After a bid is accepted contact informalion of the shipper and carrier are exposed.

11. I have not received a confirmation email. What shall I do now?

Check if the mail has been filtered and placed into the SPAM folder. If it is not there, please contact BidTrans Customer Support.

12. How can I cancel my transportation order?

You can cancel you transportation order by going to MY ACCOUNT > MY SHIPMENT section

13. How can I get more transportation orders?

Having a detailed profile is an important part in building good customer relationship. Thus, it is recommended to provide as much quality information as you can, for instance:

  • describe your transportation vehicle
  • give more information on any additional service you can serve (helping with loading, unloading, packing customer's items etc.)
  • upload high quality photos of your equipment
  • include any insurance information you have
  • list your usual routes and available cargo space

14. How to prepare and secure my shipment?

Make sure you have details on what you're shipping. Find out the size, weight, any special accommodations your shipment might need. If you can, be sure to upload multiple pictures that show the shipment. Once you list your shipment on BidTrans and choose your carrier, follow this steps to secure your package:

  • ship freight in solid boxes, crates, or shipping containers
  • use a box strong enough to support the weight of your goods
  • consider double boxing your freight - use appropriate cushioning material to protect the internal items and their most fragile parts - use reinforced tapes, top/bottom load protectors, corner boards, stretch wrapping
  • securely seal closures
  • label each packet with telephone number and complete address information of the shipper and the consignee

15. What do I do if there is no contact with the carrier I've chosen for my shipment?

If for any reason there is no phone contact with the carrier, please contact our Customer Support line. We will help you to get in touch with the carrier and make the shipment done.

16. I have a conflict with a BidTrans carrier or customer. What shall I do now?

In case of a conflict or dispute, please contact us via email or the Customer Support line: 085 864 0120. We keep all arrangements you've done via BidTrans to help you to sort out any shipping issues.

17. I need help with loading and unloading of my goods. Can I find a company that can help on that matter?

On BidTrans there are many transportation service providers that offer additional services: loading and unloading heavy items, palletising your shipment, securing your packets etc. If you require any addition shipping service, please send a message to the carrier.

18. What are the benefits of using BidTrans?

BidTrans will benefit shippers by:

- reducing the shipping cost as a result of competitive bidding

- simplify search for transportation companies

- obtaining trusted carriers based on BidTrans user feedback and ratings BidTrans will benefit carriers by:

- providing a cost-effective means of reaching new customers

- achieving greater profit by filling available cargo space

- building an online profile and references for potential customers to view

19. What shall I do if my shipment arrived incomplete or has been damaged by the carrier?

If your shipment is incomplete or has been damaged by the carrier, you shall contact the transportation company. In case of any dispute Bidtrans will help you by sharing all your auction details arranged through BidTrans.  

  • Reduce CO2
  • Reduce the vevhicles usage
  • Reduce the traffic congestions