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1. How do I place an ad in the section of unused cargo space?

Every transport company can place an order on Bidtrans.nl. Section available cargo space is for companies who frequently drive with the same drive and load compartment that is not fully loaded (or rides you make back from the destination). You can put in your profile under the heading,, my routes '’ and place an order and make a choice of: ,,one way ride’’ or ,, multiple rides.' You can specify how much cargo space you are about and what place your ride is going. Also you can indicate when these rides are available and when they will end.

2. What does the number mean in the login name of the carrier?

Behind every name of a transporter there is a number in parentheses. With this number you can immediately see how many shipments have already been driven previously by this carrier through bidtrans.nl. This gives and familiar feeling for you as a customer as you can see right away that this carrier has already driven some shipments via Bidtrans.nl. By clicking on the name it will takes you directly to the profile of the carrier and here you can also find further ratings and reviews of the company.

3. What does the number in the "messages" section mean?

When you see a number in parentheses behind the icon,, messages', it means you've received a new message from a bidtrans.nl user. Take a look at your messages in order to read your new message.

4. How does the review system of bidtrans.nl work?

When you managed to carry your shipment by a company through Bidtrans.nl you can rate the work of the carrier. You can give the carrier the following reviews: positive, neutral or negative. Also, you can judge him by introducing the stars of the work (one star's bad, five stars is excellent, etc.) Also give explanation in response to the transport process and how it is over you think. All these ratings and reviews are useful for other Bidtrans.nl users as told by your review better able to choose from a carrier for their transportation.

5. What you can do to ensure that you are transporting things on a safely base?

 For prevention we describe the next text about how you can best deal with packaged shipments that you might transport. The following text is not written for transporters that only transport through BidTrans, but is written for almost every person who goes by into the transport sector and sometimes transport things.

If you, as a transporter, are going to transport orders that are packaged, for example, and we are talking about pallets in particular, it is useful to pay extra attention to this in order to prevent all risks in a preventive manner. Sometimes it may happen that you have to transport a pallet which is packed and it is obviously good to know for sure what you are transporting in your vehicle. To be well prepared it is useful, and we definitely recommend, to at least have shipping documents drawn up by the client so you know exactly what you are going to transport. Should you encounter problems then you can always fall back on this and at least you will have on paper what is being transported and that you are not liable for matters of which you were not aware that this was transported with the shipment. It can also happen that the client is being difficult about it and does not want to write the shipping documents. In that case and certainly if you do not know what is on the pallet, we would like to advise you to cancel the order. It is not worth it to transport something that you, as a carrier, may be the victim of. Better safe than sorry.