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Communication with customers

Before you make an offer you can contact the customer directly from his ad page. It is useful option to get more details on the shipping request. For example:

- If the customer requires help with loading and unloading his items, which is very relevant in case of relocation and moving heavy items.
- How the shipment has to be secured?
- Any additional requirement on the vehicle type and its equipment? This question might be important to ask in case of food delivery or animal transport.

If customer finds a suitable ride in your UNUSED CARGO SPACE section, he can send you a request to place bids on his ad. Moreover the customers can ask questions regarding your route, available cargo space, delivery dates etc.
Once you submit an offer you can still keep in touch with the customer. However, keep in mind that it’s not allowed to specify any contact information in the message body at that stage. Non-compliance to this rule will cause all your messages to be deleted and can ultimately block your BidTrans account. After the customer accept your offer, you will receive his contact details, so you can discuss further arrangements directly.