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Submitting transportation offers

Once authenticity of your company is verified, you can place bids on any ad listed on BidTrans.

The next step for you is to check all information from the ad and estimate if the ad is interesting for you to carry. Click "ASK A QUESTION" if you need additional information from the customer.
To make an offer, click "PLACE AN OFFER" and then enter the following information:

- Your bid amount in EUR (VAT included)
- Desired collection date of your shipment
- Desired delivery date of your shipment
- Additionally a description of your service can be placed

Placing an offers on ads is free. The customer will receive an email notification after your offer is placed.
Remember that your offer is binding. If the customer choose to accept your offer, you will not be asked to confirm it. Acceptance of the offer by the client means that the deal between you and the client is completed.
Would you like for whatever reason to retract your bid? Log in to "MY ACCOUNT" -> "MY OFFERS''. You can then delete the corresponding offer by clicking on ''CANCEL''.
Customers decide which bid to accept. If your offer is accepted, you will receive a confirmation email, as well as customer's contact details. Simultaneously, the client receives your information so that it can be quickly contact between the two parties. Discuss with the client the final details to perform the service.