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1. What does the number mean in the name of a transport company?

Behind every name of a transporter there is a number in parentheses. With this number you can immediately see how many shipments have already been driven previously by this carrier through BidTrans. This gives and familiar feeling for you as a customer as you can see right away that this carrier has already driven some shipments via BidTrans. By clicking on the name it will takes you directly to the profile of the carrier and here you can also find further ratings and reviews of the company.

2. How much do I have to pay for an advertisement with a banner/urgent logo?

The cost of a paid advertisement with, URGENT logo will cost 7.50 euro. This form of advertising is useful when you need to transported something quickly. By the icon urgent companies will better notice your ad making them again places faster and bid on your add.
The cost of a paid ad with a green banner over the ad is: 17.50 euro. This form of advertising is useful when you know your transport will make some expenses such as moving or transporting a car. By choosing this option, your ad is viewed significantly more by transport companies. Because there are now more companies pay attention to your ad multiple bids will arise which you can choose, in fact, also cheaper bids.

3. What does the number means after the button ,,messages’’?

When you see a number in parentheses behind the icon,, messages', it means you've received a new message from a BidtTrans user. Take a look at your messages in order to read your new message.

4. How does the review system of BidTrans works?

When you managed to carry your shipment by a company through BidTrans you can rate the work of the carrier. You can give the carrier the following reviews: positive, neutral or negative. Also, you can judge him by introducing the stars of the work (one star's bad, five stars is excellent, etc.) Also give explanation in response to the transport process and how it is over you think. All these ratings and reviews are useful for other BidTrans users as told by your review better able to choose from a carrier for their transportation.