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Unused Cargo Space

In the UNUSED CARGO SPACE section you will find announcements added by verified companies that have vehicles on route with available cargo space. The passing could be single as shown below:

or multiple, for example a company can drive the same route every week for the next two months, offering to transport goods:

BidTrans platform provides filters that will allow to find quickly available carriers on roads that meet your criteria like collection and delivery dates and place, capacity etc.:

Within every UNUSED CARGO SPACE ad you can submit a question or ask the company to place a bid on your transportation order for free. 

Before requesting a bid on your offer, we recommend to get contact the carrier and ask for all relevant terms and conditions like: insurance offered by the company, if the carrier will help to load and unload your items, type of vehicle that will carry your parcel etc.

By clicking on “ask for an offer” you will be redirected to the site with your current shipping list, which you can also check from MY ACCOUNT - > MY SHIPMENT. If this list is empty and you request an offer, then you will be redirected to the TRANSPORT REQUEST where you can setup a new shipping request. Once you fill up all details and created a new shipping order, the carrier will be notified and asked to place a bid immediately.

Every logged in user has ability to ask questions and submit requests for bids on every UNUSED CARGO SPACE ad for free!