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Communication with carriers

For each offer received from carriers you can ask about delivery details by clicking on "ask a question". It is worth to use this option to determine:

- If the carrier can help with loading and unloading your shipment, that is essential when transporting freight goods.
- Does the transportation service provider offer an issurance? If so, what are the details on his liability?
- Any other restrictions or exclusions for the shipment insurance?
- Type of the car used for delivery your shipment. This is relevant information in case of transporting food or animals.

Carriers have the opportunity to ask a questions regarding your expectations on delivery dates, shipment destination, securing the goods, if any additional help with loading and unloading the shipment is needed, etc. Each question can be answered by clicking on "SEND" button. All questions are visible on your advertisement, in the "QUESTIONS" section. Clear communication with the carriers is very essential to determine the exact delivery conditions before accepting any offer.

Once an offer is finally accepted by you and the carrier, BidTrans will provide you all neccessary contact details, so you can contact the transportation provider to discuss further details.

The content of any messages exchanged between BidTrans users must not include any contact details, because all messages are visible to the public, and it is against the rules given in the Terms and Conditions. Non-compliance with this rules may cause your messages to be deleted, and ultimately block your account.

When you have received an offer from a carrier you can accept it by clicking on '' Accept '' in the transport order you have placed. You will then enter a payment screen of our payment system. When you have transferred the full amount to you will be taken to a follow-up screen where you will see the details of your chosen carrier. You will also receive the details of the carrier from us by mail. You can now contact your chosen carrier to discuss the very last details before the carrier will transport your order.