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BidTrans brings together hundreds of carriers, and thanks to this your shipping advertisement should recieve the first offers within the next few hours after its issuance. Keep in mind that every offer is VAT included.

All received offers are visible on your ad page in TRANSPORT OFFERS section. In case of a new offer placed on your shipping request, you will receive a notification email. Thanks to the "reverse auction" approach, the following offers will be placed with a lower price.

Please keep in mind in case you receive an offer that will meet your requirements, to click on "Accept" icon. By accepting an offer in a timely manner you can be sure that the carrier's vehicle will be available for delivering your goods.

To speed up offers reception you can search throughout carrier’s ads and choose one with available cargo space whose route is aligned with your parcel collection and delivery point. All these routes you can find on UNUSED CARGO SPACE page.

Once you open any "UNUSED CARGO SPACE" ad and click  “ask for an offer”, the carrier will receive an email that will encourage him to bid your order. 

Among all carriers bidding your shipping request, you can choose one based on your own criteria, such as: scores and comments left by other BidTrans users, price, type of the vehicle used to transport your goods, the delivery dates and so on.

Each ad issued on BidTrans has it's expiry date. Before that time, carriers can submit offers and ask questions. After the auction ends, all offers that were not accepted will be automatically removed. If after the expiration date, no offer suit your budget, or if carriers were not able to meet your expectations regarding the transportation conditions, you can place your add on BidTrans again at any time.