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Placing Ads

Bidtrans.nl has made transport of your goods more affordable and efficient.

Now you can place any shipping order in a few simple steps:


2. Choose the category of your shipping request.

3. Choose the content of your package and fill out each section from your shipping order so you can help the carriers to evaluate the price of your order and recieve the best offer.

4. Set the address and time of the parcel collection and delivery. Specifying exact address details (street name, house number) is not mandatory. Neverthless we suggest to include this information as it will be very helpfull for the carrier whose offer is accepted. The street name and house number will not be listed on your ad. This information will be forwarded only to the carrier which will transport your goods.

By following the steps above your shipping request will be listed in the TRANSPORT OFFERS section and viewed by hundreds of transport companies having trucks, vans and lorries with spare space that go towards the same destination as your shipment, hence you can get the best price!
One of the best way to describe your items is to provide a picture. Ads with pictures are more attractive and receive up to 60% more offers. Moreover the attached pictures might be used to better evaluate the transportation costs.
In order to collect as many offers as possible in a short span of time you can highlight your shipment and list it at the top of the page. A sample featured offer is present below. For more details on the pricing and how to setup a special offer, click here.

You can also choose to buy an „URGENT” mark for your offer. This means that your shipment has to be delivered urgently, so carriers will give the first bids on your offer sooner. More details on the advertisement and the pricing list can be found here.

BidTrans brings together hundreds of carriers, and thanks to this your shipping request should receive the first offers for transport within the next few hours after posting it. Keep in mind that every offer is VAT included.

All received offers are visible on your page in TRANSPORT OFFERS section. In case of a new offer placed on your shipping request, you will receive a notification email. Thanks to the "reverse auction" approach, the following offers will be placed with a lower price.

Please remember that when receive an offer that will meet your requirements, you must click on "Accept" icon. By accepting an offer in a timely manner you can be sure that the carrier's vehicle will be available for delivering your goods.

To speed up the transportation process you can search throughout carrier’s ads and choose one with available cargo space whose route is aligned with your parcel collection and delivery point. All these routes you can find on UNUSED CARGO SPACE page.

Once you open any "UNUSED CARGO SPACE" offer and click “ask for an offer”, the carrier will receive an email that will encourage him to bid your transportation request.

Among all carriers bidding for your shipping request, you can choose one based on your own criteria, such as: ratings and comments left by other BidTrans users, price, type of the vehicle used to transport your goods, the delivery dates and so on.

Each offer issued on BidTrans has a expiration date. Before that time, carriers can submit offers and ask questions. After the auction ends, all offers that were not accepted will be automatically removed. If after the expiration date, no offer suit your budget, or if carriers were not able to meet your expectations regarding the transportation conditions, you can place your add on BidTrans again at any time.

For each offer received from carriers you can ask about delivery details by clicking on "ask a question". It is worth to use this option to determine:

- If the carrier can help with loading and unloading your shipment, this is essential when transporting freight goods.

- Indicate the type of vehicle used for transportation your shipment. This is relevant information in case of transporting food or animals.

Carriers have the opportunity to ask a questions regarding your expectations on delivery dates, shipment destination, securing the goods, or if any additional help with loading and unloading the shipment is needed, etc. Each question can be answered by clicking on "SEND" button. All questions are visible on your advertisement, in the "QUESTIONS" section. Clear communication with the carriers is very essential to determine the exact delivery conditions before accepting any offer.

Once an offer is finally accepted by you and the carrier, BidTrans will provide you all neccessary contact details, so you can contact the transportation provider to discuss further details.

The content of any messages exchanged between BidTrans users must not include any contact details, because all messages are visible to the public, and it is against the rules written in the Terms and Conditions. Non-compliance with this rules may cause your messages to be deleted, and ultimately blocking your account.

In the UNUSED CARGO SPACE section you will find offers added by verified companies that have vehicles on a particularr route with available cargo space. The route could be one time trip as shown below:

or a regular route, for example a company can drive the same route every week for the next two months, offering to transport goods:

BidTrans platform provides filters that will allow to find quickly available carriers on roads that meet your criteria like collection and delivery dates and place, capacity etc.:

Within every UNUSED CARGO SPACE offer you can submit a question or ask the company to place a bid on your transportation order for free.

Before requesting a bid on your offer, we recommend to get in contact with the carrier and ask for all relevant terms and conditions like: if the carrier will help to load and unload your items, type of vehicle that will carry your parcel etc.

By clicking on “ask for an offer” you will be redirected to the site with your current shipping list, which you can also check from MY ACCOUNT - > MY SHIPMENT. If this list is empty and you request an offer, then you will be redirected to the TRANSPORT REQUEST where you can setup a new shipping request. Once you complete all details and have created a new shipping order, the carrier will be notified and asked to place a bid immediately.

Every logged in user has ability to ask questions and submit requests for bids on every UNUSED CARGO SPACE offers for free

1. What does the number mean in the name of a transport company?

Behind every name of a transporter there is a number in parentheses. With this number you can immediately see how many shipments have already been transported previously by this carrier through BidTrans. This gives a comforting feeling for you as a customer as you can see right away that this carrier has already driven some shipments via BidTrans. By clicking on the name it will takes you directly to the profile of the carrier and here you can also find further ratings and reviews of the company.

2. How much do I have to pay for an advertisement with a banner/urgent logo?

The cost of a paid advertisement with, URGENT logo will cost 7.50 Euro. This form of advertising is useful when you need to transported something quickly. By the icon urgent companies will better notice your ad making them again places faster and bid on your add. The cost of a paid offer with a green banner over the offer is: 17.50 euro. This form of advertising is useful when you know your transport will have additional financial benefits such as moving services or transporting a car. By choosing this option, your offer is viewed significantly more times by transport companies. Because there are now more companies pay attention to your ad multiple bids will arise which you can choose, in fact, also cheaper bids.

3. What does the number means after the button ,,messages’’?

When you see a number in parentheses behind the icon,, messages', it means you've received a new message from a BidtTrans user. Click on the messages icon in order to read your new message.

4. How does the review system of BidTrans work?

When you have succeeded in transporting your shipment by a company through BidTrans you can rate the work of the carrier. You can give the carrier the following reviews: positive, neutral or negative. You can also rate him by giving a number of stars depending on the level of services provided (one of the stars is bad, five stars are perfect, etc.). Also try to write an explanation regarding the carrier's service review of how the transport service was performed. All of these ratings and reviews are useful to other Bidtrans.nl users, which helps them better choose the right carrier for their transport.