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Registration and account

   1. How to register a new account?

You can register a new account on for free! The registration form can be filled in a few simple steps, and once submitted you will receive an email with activation link. Click on the link to fully activate your account, so you can place any shipping orders for free!

   2. How can I edit my account settings?

In order to edit your account details, follow the steps below:

a. Log in to
c. After you change your account details, click on SAVE.

3. Forgot your password or user name?

If you forgot your username or password, click on LOG IN > RESET YOUR PASSWORD. In the next step provide your email address and click on RESET YOUR PASSWORD.
If you forgot your user name and email that you used to register your BidTrans account, please contact customer support: [email protected] or tel-nr: 085-8640120.

   4. How can I change my BidTrans account password?

You can change your BidTrans password any time. Open MY ACCOUNT > PASSWORD CHANGE tab, enter your current password, enter twice the new one and click SAVE. From now on you can log into your BidTrans account using the new password.
Once you reset your password, a notification email will be sent.

   5. How can I delete my account?

Deleting your BidTrans account affects all data associated with that account. In order to delete your account, open MY ACCOUNT > DELETE ACCOUNT tab, enter your password and confirm the account deletion by clicking on DELETE ACCOUNT.
Once your account is deleted, a notification email will be sent.

   6. I have not received a confirmation email. What shall I do now?

Once you setup an account in, we sent a confirmation email to the email address you used. The confirmation email includes a link that you’ll need to click to confirm your account.
If you can’t find your confirmation email, check your SPAM folder.
If you still can’t find your confirmation email, please contact our support team: [email protected] .