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Who are we

BidTrans is the first online transport platform, which has introduced a new ecological way for people and companies to transport their goods which include small goods, large cargo loads on pallets, whole moving services or even live animals. There is no limitations to what you can offer for transportation on Bidtrans. Our platform connects people with officially registered and fully insured transport companies with available cargo space. When people or companies place shipment requests on BidTrans, transport companies bid to win their business, the bidding process drives down prices and allows customers to decide on a carrier based on the price as well as the rating of the carrier.

Most importantly the security of all shipment processes is monitored by BidTrans . Every Transport company on our platform has had a thorough background check and had their insurance verified by us. This guarantees that all transport services go smoothly with no risk for the costumer.

Our mission is to deploy and implement the idea of ecological transportation system, while contributing to environmental protection and the conservation of energy resources. Instead of organising a dedicated transport for your items or goods, they can be carried by a company that already travels the same route. Discover our transportation platform and it’s benefits.

Discover our transportation platform and benefits:

Reduce the emission of CO2.
Place shipment orders for FREE in a few simple.
Get rid of time-consuming search - for transport companies and let them bid your order.
Less unladen journeys and less traffic jams on the routes.