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EffeAs the first Dutch online transport marketplacective eco friendly transport services with bigger profits

transport request
prepare the shipment

Estimate the size and the weight of the shipment.
Secure the shipment so the content won’t get damaged during transportation.

Transport request
place a transport order for FREE

Describe the content of your shipment.
Specify the time and place of dispatch and receipt of the shipment.

Transport request
choose and accept an offer

Transportation companies will bid your offers.
Choose a suitable offer.

Transport offers
transport order

Contact the chosen company and arrange the shipment details.
Rate and put a comment on the company after the package delivery.

Transport offers
Unused cargo space.
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Only verified companies

Every carrier is verified by the Bidtrans team via federal government sites.

Support eco solutions

Bidtrans is reducing transportation globally that has a significant positive effect on our eco system.

Save time and money

Don't waste your time for searching carriers. Place your shipping request, accept a bid and start saving time and money.